Automated Timekeeping
for lawyers

The New Age of Timekeeping Is Here


No training. No interruptions. Ping works alongside your firm’s current timekeeping software. Simply install and start collecting more time and money.


Ping is designed for lawyers by lawyers. Silicon Valley technology and design meet the practice of law.


You never need to start and stop timers again. Ping runs in the background. Work as you normally would. Ping does the rest.


Lawyers and law firms lose up to 20% in billable time due to ineffective timekeeping. Ping captures that missed time and money by acting as a safety net that collects all of a lawyer’s billable time. We’ve built a solution that operates entirely in the background and in concert with the billing software firms are already using so there is no switching cost or training required. Ping relieves lawyers of the headache of timekeeping and assures that firms get paid for the time their lawyers work.
Time spent reading, drafting and sending emails is automatically captured.
All research online, including Westlaw and LexisNexis, is categorized and logged.
Ping syncs with a lawyer’s calendar so every meeting is captured.
We log all time spent drafting, editing and reading legal documents.

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